Lunch Special & Bento Box

Lunch Specials

Served daily Mon – Fri 11:30am to 3:00pm  {Excludes holidays}
Choice of: Vegetable, Tofu, Chicken, OR Beef 9
{ Add Shrimp or Scallops 3 }

Pad Thai (p)
Pineapple fried rice
Pad See Ew
Thai fried rice
Drunken Noodle
Hot pepper fried rice
Massamun curry (p)
Pra Ram Thai (p)
    Red curry
Hot basil
Green curry
Yellow curry
Mixed veggies
Pineapple curry



1. Beef teriyaki, shumai, veggies tempura 12
2. Salmon, california roll, steamed veggies 13
3. Veggies tempura, cucumber roll, salad 11



  • MY FINGER 6 Thai-style chicken ngers served w/jasmine rice & plum sauce
  • ME HUNGRY 6 Thai fried rice & chicken satay (2)
  • THAI KAI FRIES 7 Thai style chicken ngers served w/French fries
  • KAI JEOW 7 Thai style omelet over jasmine rice
  • LITTLE BITES 7 Combination of dumplings & crab rangoon (8)



Jasmine Rice 1.5 | Brown Rice 1.5 |
Sticky Rice 2.5 | Peanut Dressing 1
Steamed Veggies 3 | French Fries 5
Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice 3

(p) Contain Peanuts
{Hot and spicy can be modified to your taste} * Mild ** Medium *** Spicy **** Thai Spicy

Please let your server know if you have any food allergy. Not all ingredients are listed on the menu.

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